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FOX News
Apr 24, 2013 12:00am PDT
two explosions in the white house and barack obama is injured. the ap suspended the account and announced they were hacked. when the news hit twitter the dow jones trillion lanch plummeted 150 points. that's a lot because i think it is 200 points. the syrian electronic army took credit. why? what is their point? >> they plunge the the dow. somebody hacking into a twitter account. that's all i can say. >> they will get stories wrong as it is. it will probably hack my account and say i am fun fee -- funny. >> you can get on if you have a computer and you can often see if you are hanging out at best buy. >> when i sleep in the library. this annoys me. the ap is a reputable source. you had the opportunity to tweet anything. this hacker is a hack. it is a dumb tom clancy plot. it would have been don trump admitted he is a circus clown or greg gutfeld announces his retirement and he will be going bar to the hobbits. you had an opportunity to do something cool with that and blew it. >> bill, he has a point. wasn't this the premise of did the die hard 4". i banned everything he has been
FOX News
Apr 17, 2013 12:00am PDT
life exists to make a political point. today i heard president obama speaking. i am not a big fan of a lot of his policies, but i tweeted something brief saying solid statement from the president. i felt he did a great job, and i got a ton of tweets coming at me that were so hyper political about benghazi or something related. >> i think we need to just all of us left, right and center just take a minute and just not be so hyper political about things that just -- let's give a minute to these people. >> you would say that you obama loving socialist. >> there is a guy i toll on twitter called roll digity. twitter is the best thing ever for the first five minutes. it is amazing. for the next 24 hours it is the worst thing ever. then after you get the news and then nobody knows what to do after they get all of the initial -- they turn on each other and then it is a pillow fight with vicious words, vicious words. >> what are you doing with your hands? >> that's not how you pillow fight. >> shut up, we are going to take a break i think. i did have another question, but who cares? we have mo
FOX News
Apr 23, 2013 12:00am PDT
fallout from this decision including the possible impeachment of president obama. and has a search for the worst poem ever written come to an end? some say yes and others say yes. and finally reece witherspoon arrested for disorderly conduct in a atlanta meaning i assume the role as america's sweetheart. greg? >> you were always america's sweetheart. >> not officially until now. >> not officially. >> got the call on sunday. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> go away. let's welcome our guests. she is so british she sweats earl gray. author and political commentator immogen lloyd webber. he is so sharp he can complete this sentence, jaime wienstein he is the author of the e book "the lizard king" and my sidekick, bill schulz. and he has more knowledge in his pink ethan i have in my thumb. the former ambassador to the u.n and fox news contributor. he is also the president of "red eye." congratulations on that. before we go to the first story, start with something light. i reason i love fox newschannel's mike tobin is he doesn't take guff. check him out during this live shot. >> 10 secon
FOX News
Apr 20, 2013 12:00am PDT
question. if you look at the obama administration they tried to have a reset relation with russia. that's not how it works. it has been an absolute disaster . every time putin and obama meet putin scolds obama. here might be an opportunity to say look you don't like the chechens? is there anyway we can work together to deal with international terrorism. you may not have been worried about them before this, but you have just as much of a problem with all of the countries on your periphery that are potentially becoming radical islamic states of the -- states. is there a way to work together maybe on this one thing and then it can lead to cooperation on other things? ultimately we would love their cooperation on iran and the nuclear program, but maybe we can take these baby steps to say let's start sharing intelligence. how do you see this threat evolving? maybe we can work on that. >> do you think it was the russians that two years ago tipped off the fbi that lead them to interview literally the older 26-year-old brother? >> maybe. maybe there was kazakstan. there were a lot of other countr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4